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We are dedicated to providing firearm enthusiasts with firearm instruction. A little bit about Orrin Fredericks, originally from Brooklyn, New York. When he moved to Texas, he began hunting, shooting at USPSA, and IDPA Pistol and Rifle matches. Firearms have always been his passion, and after years of training and coaching, he became a firearms instructor in the Pinellas/Hillsborough county areas. Today’s climate calls for greater awareness of gun safety. Operating any weapon safely requires instruction and training. He has been instrumental in introducing African Americans to the 2A community in Tampa. As President of the Black Lions Gun Club, we’ve placed over 30 qualified instructors into the community. Some have moved on to run their own clubs, some have started small businesses, and many are participating in shooting sports. He also runs an instructor development course to prepare instructors to move business beyond the CCW classroom

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